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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  March 4, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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already commanding leads. we have team coverage tonight. >> that's right. chris gordon is at national harbor where dr. ben carson just announced he's dropping out of the race, but let's start on capitol hill with brian moore. >> reporter: chris and jim, the race is not over yet, but it seems headed for a dramatic turn. >> breathe, breathe, breathe. you can do it. you can breathe. >> reporter: picking up where he left off on the debate stage -- >> whether it's little marco or lion ted -- >> reporter: -- donald trump assaulted and insulted his republican rivals in michigan, one of nine states on the line between now and tuesday. >> if you get laid off on tuesday, i still want you voting. i'll get you a new job. don't worry about it. >> reporter: while mitt romney is giving voice to the establishment movement to tump trump at any cost, marco rubio and ted cruz pledged during the debate they'd support the billionaire if he's nominated. >> i will:/9p support the repubn nominee. >> yes, because i gave my word that i would. >> reporter: they took another step back today saying
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floor fight. >> my strategy is vote for me in florida but vote for me everywhere else too. >> and if the washington dealmakers try to steal the nomination from the people, i think it would be a disaster. >> reporter: john kasich said he will support trump too but a brokered convention may be his last best hope. hillary clinton turned her attention to michigan and its 147 delegates. bernie sanders took aim at an even bigger prize, illinois, which votes march 15th. >> democracy is not about billionaires buying elections. >> reporter: two races still up for grabs, but that could all change in the next two weeks. and in the next five days, hillary clinton and bernie sanders face off in two debates. sunday night in flint michigan and wednesday in miami. jim? >> brian mooar. thanks. right now the conservative political action conference is under way at national harbor. just a few moments ago dr. ben
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announce that he is suspending his campaign. chris gordon is at the conference now with a look at what he plans to do next. chris? >> reporter: well, he is dropping out of the race and he says he will be heading a christian voting group. >> now that i am leaving the campaign trail, yeah -- [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: now, we asked people here at cpac what they thought, and they said he made a very graceful exit. they are having a presidential poll here during this conference. for three days they're collecting votes. they're hoping to get 3,000 in all, and then they will release the
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this straw poll is being conducted over the next three days here at the cpac conference. they're voting on issues like immigration, the economy, and filling the vacancy on the u.s. supreme court. but the most closely watched result is the gop presidential poll. >> voting for ted cruz. he's the most qualified candidate running. >> reporter: what you do you think of the strategy to try to dump donald trump by cruz, rubio and kasich trying to make it a brokered convention? >> i think they should let the voters decide, so i don't think the brokered convention is a good idea. >> reporter: you just voted for donald trump. >> yeah. >> reporter: what you do you think of the attack by mitt romney on trump's credibility yesterday? >> well, they're all attacking each other right now, so it's really a lot of rhetoric with that, so i don't really listen. sgro >> reporter: mitt romney was asked by matt lauer on the "today" show why he decided to criticize trump now. >> you get to the point where you say, your grand kids are
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did you do to stop donald trump? and i had to finally get out and speak. >> reporter:'s comments anger many trump supporters. >> mitt romney is a turncoat. i don't want anything to do with mitt romney. >> reporter: but that's college students are ready to dump trump. >> i think trump is the source of that mudslinging and eventually i think it will tear our party apart. >> reporter: now, to show you how much things have changed in the past year, cpac had a straw poll for the presidential race a year ago. rand paul was the leader with 26% of the vote. scott walker came in second with 21%. they are both out of the race now. donald trump last year got 4% in the straw poll, and tonight he is the gop front-runner. that's the latest live from cpac 2016. jim, back to you. >> thanks, chris. a handful of states and one
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territory there will be primaries and can yucuses this weekend. on sunday democrats in maine will vote along with republicans in puerto rico. there are more nominating contests on tuesday in michigan, mississippi, idaho, and hawaii. now to a developing story in the district where police had to chase a man down along kenilworth haef toavenue to arr. the vehicle is wanted in connection to a homicide. let's get to jack si bensen live in northwest d.c. jackie? >> reporter: we have some new information about that. we have just learned that some very good policework by a united states park police officer may have given police a break in last week's murder of a 21-year-old man murdered in the 4500 block of quarrel street on
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told park police officer saw a white acura suv driving erratically near howard road. he tried to stop the driver. the driver did not stop. he took off. a pursuit began. the acura hit several cars in this pursuit from southeast to northeast and ended up facing the wrong way here on kenilworth eve. we' the driver bailed out and was captured hiding under the deck of a home nearby. he's charged with assault on a police officer in connection with that and a passenger in one of the cars that was struck was transported by ambulance to a local hospital. so, again, right here this afternoon thanks to some sharp eyes by united states park police officer, a vehicle that is wanted in connection with a homicide, a murder that happened last week on quarrels street northeast, a 21-year-old man was murdered, that vehicle -- that evidence now in police custody. live in northeast, jackie
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>> good police work. thanks, jackie. a former school aide has pleaded not guilty to charges he made pornographic videos of students at a local elementary school. scott mcfarlane was in the courtroom when federal prosecutors formally charged deonte carraway. >> reporter: deonte carraway is en route back to his jail cell with a defense lawyer on either side of him. he told the judge he wants a trial by jury. u.s. marshals walked deonte carraway into the courtroom and sat him between his public defenders. carraway said little more than yes, sir, when a judge asked him questions today, including whether he understood the chges. nearly a dozen counts of sexually exploiting kids to make child porn. investigators say carraway made videos and engaged in graphic sex acts with kids between 9 and 12 in suge sylvania woods lament tri school where he served as a volunteer aide. the next court date is not yet s
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declined to talk to us. a relative of one of the vingts was in the courtroom and told us this is very hard. he's done a lot of damage. he's just done a lot of damage. news4 has learned a unit of three fbi special agents in maryland is reviewing the evidence in this case. this woman, a veteran special agent with the agency's mfd child exploitation task force is leaving the unit. we're not showing you her face because she often works undercover. we're told she's in charge of reviewing the actual videos carraway is accused of recording so she can testify about that evidence at trial if needed. you'll recall the fbi also set up a special hotline after this story broke to get tips and assistance for the judge sylvania woods elementary school community. we checked. so far about two dozen calls for those special agents to respond to and review. jim, back to you. >> thanks, scott. a woman who lived in virginia will be laid to rest tomorrow in charleston, south carolina. this comes one
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say her husband shot and killed her inside their home in woodbridge. the woman's name is crystal hamilton. police say her husband, ronald, killed her. prince william county police officer ashley guindon was also shot and killed as she responded to a 911 call there. it was her first full day on the job. ronald hamilton has been locked up. they're charging him with capital murder. relatives are taking care of the couple's 11-year-old son. two other prince william county officers were shot and injured in that incident. we're told that david mckeown and jesse hempen are recovering well. a fund raiser is planned for tomorrow for the department's injured officers fund. they're calling it pork at the pub. it's an event being organized by the manassas city police department. not only will it raise money for the officers but first responders can eat there for free. >> we just wanted to
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something together for first responders so that they can come and get a good meal out of it and then also have the opportunity for the public to come and show their support. >> a plate at the function will be $9. it begins tomorrow at 11:00 in the morning. whether you love it or hate it, the latest snowfall was a sight to see. this morning a lot of you sent us some beautiful pictures of your neighborhoods covered in a fresh white sheen. st. mary's county got the worst of it but the city of california getting about six inches in some spots. but this time there was no real need to shovel. most of it only stuck to grass and cars and left the roads and sidewalks relatively clear. folks are already speculating if we have seen the last of the snow. >> not yet. i think we're going to get one more good one before the end and then we'll get our spring. >> no more snow. it needs to warm up. it's back and forth all the time and, you know, just so annoying. >> i'm getting tired of it. we need some warm
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>> well, that warm is coming. in fact, we're expecting temperatures to top 70 degrees next week. but we'll be dealing with some cool, rainy weather before we get to that. doug is here with a look at what we can expect to see. >> you said st. mary's county saw the worst of it. in some opinions they saw the best of that storm. six inches of snow. some people wanted to see the snow. i know i wanted at least my grass covered and we did get that over towards the bethesda/chevy chase area. all melted off as we saw temperatures climb above freezing and they never really got below freezing for the most part. high temperature only 41. 39 around the frederick area. your headlines tonight, a chilly night, yeah, if you're going out you will need the jacket. a cool weekend. not cold, but cool. temperatures below average all weekend long and, yes, a chance for rain this weekend. we'll talk about when. and then the warmest air of the year. the short year. i know we're only 2 1/2 months in, butrm
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making its way our way. >> we like that. thank you, doug. six weeks after d.c. was buried by a blizzard, president obama has declared a disaster in the district. that declaration frees up federal funding to help the city pay for its response to that storm. d.c. has an annual snow removal budget of $6 million. but the city spent more than $50 million in the aftermath of that storm. the president also approved maryland's declaration of an emergency. the murder trial captivated a nation. now police are testing a knife that was reportedly found on o.j. simpson's property. what it could mean decades later. he's a star basketball player for h.d. woodson. yesterday his team won the big game. but then last night he was shot and wounded. that story coming up. news4. bomb threat
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day at more than a half dozen northern virginia hooigh school but our area isn't the only one being targeted by these
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new development today in the o.j. simpson murder case. his ex-wife and her friend were found stabbed to death years ago. the trial that followed got international attention, and now 20 years
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piece of evidence has turned up. police tonight in los angeles confirm that they are testing a knife that was found in the yard, buried in the yard of the house where o.j. used to live. he lived there, in fact, at the time of the murders. nbc's chris pollone has our report. >> reporter: los angeles place say a small knife is being tested to see if it's connected to the murders of nicole brown simpson and her friend, ron goldman. >> they are going to stud quy i and examine it. >> reporter: police confirm the story first reported by tmz that a former lapd traffic cop recently turned the knife over to detectives. officials say that officer claims he was working off duty on a movie shoot near simpson's former home 12 years ago when a construction worker gave him the knife. >> he claimed that an individual who claimed to be a construction worker provided him with this knife claiming that it was found on the
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>> not guilty -- >> reporter: a jury acquitted simply of all charges in 1995. since then the case has remained open. the murder weapon was never found. >> we need to, one, first of all, determine is this evidence and if it's not evidence, how do we prove one way or another that it's not. and the only way we can do that is by being able to challenge the people involved as to what -- where it was recovered, where it was alleged to have been, et cetera. >> reporter: o.j. simpson is currently in prison for an unrelated conviction. under the constitution he cannot be retried for the murders regardless of whether the knife is, indeed, connected to the cates. chris pollone, nbc news, new york. coming up in our next half hour, we'll hear from mark fisher of "the washington post." mark covered the o.j. simpson case back in the '90s. we'll hear his thoughts on the developments today and the timing of it all. a b
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criminal investigation, and now we've learned he may have a history of violence on the job. we showed you this video yesterday which allegedly shows anthony spence slapping and kicking a teenager on school grounds. tonight "the baltimore sun" reports the sheriff's department fired spence in 2003 after he beat a man he mistook for a bank robber. spence has been placed on paid leave as police investigate this new case. investigators are trying to determine whether there's a connection between automated bomb threat calls made to more than a dozen schools in northern virginia and in new jersey today. tonight police are hopeful that they'll make an arrest. the threats went to seven schools throughout northern virginia. our bureau chief julie carey joins us from the george mason high school in falls church with more. julie? >> reporter: the first signs of this may have come on monday. you might remember the mclean high school students were told to stay home after
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before school started. then on tuesday four school districts in connecticut, similar situation, and then today it was bergen county, new jersey, and northern virginia that faced a rash of bomb threats. these students from george mason high school spent their day in a middle school gym after a bomb threat forced them to evacuate their school, and they were not happy. >> i think it's really despicable. i think, you know, it really interferes with our learning. >> what kind of stupid person would really do that to a high school really? >> reporter: the bomb threats came in at george mason high and six other high schools late this morning. police say it was phoned in, sounded like a robocall. >> they told us to drop everything and evacuate immediately. >> reporter: students, teachers, and staff went to a middle school and spent the rest of the day in the gym there. >> it was handled very well. got the students out, got them over to the school, and we just waited. nothing, no chaos, no ex
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got us lunches, everything was orderly. >> reporter: students tell me very few were fearful. >> as soon as i heard it was a bomb threat i knew it was fake. >> reporter: k-$9 from across the area po got a workout today. at four of the seven schools targeted with the threat, school officials notified parents but decided not to evacuate. the statement from the fairfax county public schools reports that police did not view the threat as credible. consequently, students at mclean, westfield, and herndon high schools went about their regular day while investigators scoured the buildings. the private potomac school also elected not to evacuate. but a much different scene at stone bridge high school in loudoun county where students were evacuated, and there was a heavy police presence until that building was also cleared. bishop o'connell high school was also evacuated. now, we don't know much about the actual wording in these recorded bomb threats. one school described it simply as brief and
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back to you now, jim, in the studio. >> thanks, julie. riding an atv on public streets is illegal, but a lot of youngsters are doing it anyhow. a few days ago one of them ran over a cop. we'll have more on that. many packages like this one are disappearing from the front yards of people who live in the bloomingdale neighborhood. one man took matters into his own hands to try to help police fight crime. coming up at 6:45, how police are trying to solve these crimes and the advice they're giving to neighbors. kathleen matthews: imagine paying 20% more for a cup of coffee just because you're a woman. so why does congress think it's ok that women get paid 20% less than a man for doing the same job? i'll fight for pay equity, to protect planned parenthood,
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now some politicians will belittle this as a women's agenda. more proof that we just need more women in congress. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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and doug loves it when we go from 70 down to 30 back to 70 again. >> i loves it when it stays at 70. >> you're the one that says bring it on when we're talking about the cold. >> up through february. >> you're flip-flopping, vance. >> let's move on then. >> flip-flopping just a bit, but the 70s are coming and, you know, right now we've been through winter. we saw a fairly cold january and february. both were a little bit above normal but i think a lot of people are ready for more spring-like weather and that's exactly what we'll see as we move on over the next couple days. after last night's snow, i don't see any more cold air for at least the next two weeks, and even when it comes, we're talking about the late portions of march, it's not going to be nearly as cold. 41 right now, winds out of the north at 13 miles per hour.
6:25 pm
area. temperatures in the 30s and that's where they've been just about all day. our high temperature in d.c. was only 42. that's ten degrees below average and most areas stayed in the 30s and that did allow for the snow to melt. also the high sun angle in march allowed for the sun to melt. most of us are just dealing with wet roadways. sfaem r storm team4 radar, not showing any snow or rain. temperatures will not drop all that much tonight but they will drop. here is the storm that moved off the coast. this is now a big-time storm out here, but it's going to miss everybody. boston is not going to get much. they have seen a few inches towards the cape. that's really going to be about it. for us and behind this we see our next storm. it's actually up here towards chicago. that makes its way in here tomorrow night but not during the day tomorrow. tomorrow will be dry. a lot of cloud cover again though. i wouldn't be surprised to see some sunshine tomorrow, but i think a lot of clouds on saturday. saturday night i think dry but you may wanted to take the umbrella just in
6:26 pm
we may see a shower or two. it's really sunday morning we get to see all -- everything coming in here. we talk about the rain coming in. a little bit of snow up to the north right around hagerstown, maybe around frederick, maybe as far south as baltimore and portions of northern montgomery county but it's not going to amount to anything. even the rain, that will be out of here by 10:00 a.m. by late in the afternoon we're talking about some sunshine, at least trying to break out before sunset. sun goes down after 6:00 now as the days continue to get longer. 46 for a high temperature in leesburg tomorrow. 47 laplata. 43 in anannapolis. mostly cloudy skies in most locations during the day so that will keep things chilly but it's not frigid. it's not really all that cold. if you're thinking about getting out there, getting on the bike, doing a little running tomorrow, cold start, but then we do warm at least into the 40s. so dress in layers tomorrow and you should be fine. as we move through the next couple days, what are we going to be seeing? here comes the warmer air. 48 on sunday with that early rain. 60 on monday.
6:27 pm
and wait until you see how warm we get in the middle of next week. warmest air of the season coming soon. >> looking forward to it. thank you, doug. a student athlete shot on his way home after a big game. we'll hear from the victim's mother as the police continue to try to figure out who did it and why. o.j. simpson trial captivated the country. we'll hear from someone who witnessed the courtroom drama firsthand. what he says about the new investigation. this is darcy spencer in the temple hills area of prince george's county where a police officer was run down by someone driving an illegal atv. coming up on news4 at 6:00, what police say the community needs to do to hel p
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now, at 6:30, what should have been a celebration turned into a scary moment for the family of one of the star players who was shot in the district. >> somebody seen something. somebody know something. something need to be done. >> tonight the victim's mother is urging somebody to come forward. >> yeah. that shooting happened last night after a big game in the district between h.d. woodson and gonzaga high schools. a star player from woodson was shot near his home right along 54th street in northeast. pat collins has some new reaction from folks in that neighborhood. >> yes, i do.
6:31 pm
priscilla montgomery got a phone call she'll never forget. >> i got a phone call saying my son been shot. my son been shot. >> reporter: for her son, kavon montgomery, it began with an incredible night of celebration. you see he and the h.d. woodson basketball team defeated gonzaga at the verizon center in double overtime. h.d. woodson undefeated at 32-0. but then later this night back in his neighborhood, kavon montgomery shot and wounded. it happened around 11:30 on 54th street northeast. >> and they say my son was arguing with arguing. fussing and arguing. i don't know what they were fussing and arguing about but they shot my child. my son had a big bullet hole in his back. >> reporter: ms. montgomery says she wants to move. >> something needs to
6:32 pm
>> reporter: this is what they're saying in the neighborhood. >> it's bad because the kids, man, you try to do something positive and after the game something like that happens. >> it's sad. it's crazy. these kids just no guidance. >> reporter: kavon montgomery was treated and released from the hospital. his mother says he's hoping to play in the big championship game on sunday. in northeast, pat collins, news4. there is new reaction to a story that's been getting an awful lot of attention today. 20 years after o.j. simpson was acquitted of stabbing his ex-wife and her friend to death, they found a knife. los angeles police say the weapon was discovered on the brentwood estate where simpson lived at the time of the murders. that knife is now being tested by a forensic team. earlier today we talked with "washington post" reporter mark fisher who covered the o.j. simpson trial.
6:33 pm
coming right as a tv series dramatization of the trial is airing on another network, and the meaning of this is really unclear. the police today were very parsimonious in details about what actually happened here. we don't know when this knife was found. we don't know where it's actually been through all these years, and we certainly don't know what it may prove even if it does prove something about o.j. simpson's involvement. it has basically no legal bearing because he cannot be tried again for a crime that he's been acquitted of. >> even though simpson was cleared of the criminal charges, a civil jury found him liable for the killings. right now he's serving a 33-year prison term on armed robbery and kidnapping charges for an unrelated case in nevada. a two-hour "dateline" special goes even deeper in the original murder case. family, friends, witnesses, and other key player
6:34 pm
their stories including prosecutor marcia clark. she'll talk about what she has to say about the infamous gloves. that show airs sunday night at 9:00 right here on nbc 4. well, you have been seeing these atvs, dirt bikes ripping through prince george's county. in fact, one driver ran over an officer as he confronted a group of bikers. police say it's gotten to the point they're looking for help from the community. news4's darcy spencer is in temple hills. what are you hearing from folks there? >> reporter: well, chris, this assault played out right here in this parking lot here behind me on sunday afternoon, and you've seen the videos. you have seen the stories. it is a major problem with these illegal bikes literally taking over the streets here in the county and the police say they need the community to get involved. illegal dirt bikes and atvs taking over roads, eluding police who won't chase them because of safety risks. just last weekend
6:35 pm
over a police officer who tried to stop him in prince george's county. >> we just need help from the community because it's really dangerous. in this incidence injuring another person, in particular a police officer. >> reporter: police want the public to let them know when and where they see these bikes. >> just seeing the video was scary. >> reporter: rick moore shows us the surveillance video that you will only see on news4 where riders on illegal atvs and dirt bikes took over the parking lot of his business on sunday. one of them ran over a police officer landing him in the hospital. >> it really looked like a wild west movie, circling around trying to figure out what their next step would be. >> reporter: police had spotted the bikes on allentown road and followed them here to the mister sparky's business. when police got here all but one bike drove away. then the man driving the green one was trapped and smashed into the national capital park police officer and his cruiser to get away. >> it was an attempted murder.
6:36 pm
hopped onto another illegal bike with one of his partners leaving this green atv behind. now, police found the owner who was not involved. now they want to identify who was driving it. police released this photo of a person of interest who they believe was not the driver but was with the group that day. that police officer had to spend the night in the hospital because of the injuries to his leg. fortunately, he is back on duty. he returned to work yesterday. back to you. >> all right. thanks, darcy. still ahead, why this weekend could be a pivotal one in the race for the white house. also, astronaut scott kelly talking about his epic trip in space. find out what he says about the experience and the physical changes just a few days after returning to earth. a lot of people talking about the 70s next week. take a look at the steady progression from today all the way up to the mid-70s as we head towards next week. yeah, the warm air is
6:37 pm
get ready. i'll explain coming up.
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6:39 pm
there is a reason people who love politics call this season march madness. there are some critical primary and caucuses in the coming days, and their outcome could shape our national dialogue for years to come, in fact. "meet the press" moderator chuck todd has a look ahead now. >> well, we got another weekend filled with caucuses and a primary, so we're going to have a little delegate action going on on both sides of the aisle. the democratic race is the quiet one right now with hillary clinton's chief competition no longer bernie sanders but perhaps the fbi and e-ma leaks. of course, all the ation rigcti now is on the republican side of the aisle. the contest this is weekend could be t first sign of whether there's some conservative consolidation
6:40 pm
ted cruz. although donald trump is expected to dominate in louisiana. but, of course, the larger news has to do with all things with the stop trump effort. on the debate last night, i think it was pretty surprising when all of the three trump opponents said they would support trump if he were the nominee. the reason that was surprising, mitt romney made it clear that he is not going to support trump if he is the nominee. he definitively said so on the "today" show. we're going to dig deeper into what mitt romney wants to see the republican party do. he will be my guest on sunday, so we will talk about that and whether did he really leave the door open to being drafted at a convention, and i can tell you right now the likelihood of a contested convention is probably 30% to 40% and if donald trump does not win either florida or ohio on march 15th, i think that number goes to close to 100% because without florida or ohio, the path for donald trump to get the majority of the delegates he needs before the cleveland c
6:41 pm
unlikely. so another wild weekend coming up. don't miss sunday. >> and you can watch chuck and "meet the press" this sunday morning at 10:30 right here on nbc 4. tonight there is more evidence federal health officials are very concerned about the spread of the zika virus. the director of the centers for disease control and prevention is heading to puerto rico for three days next week so he can get a firsthand look at the agency's prevention plan. 103 cases of zika have been reported in puerto rico, and that number could balloon to hundreds of thousands this year according to some public health experts. they're basing that projection on past experience with other viruses that are carried by the same mosquito that transmits zika. consider this, the ride back to earth was like going down niagara falls in a barrel that's on fire. that's what astronaut scott kelly said today after a year in space. he said that when president
6:42 pm
on his successful mission. later kelly talked with reporters about that mission, and he corrected reports that he'd grown two inches while in space. >> i don't know where that came from. i did measure myself and it was an inch and a half. so maybe somebody decided to round up. >> reporter: scott kelly noted that gravity will bring him down to size. he said that physically he's had some muscle soreness and his skin is very sensitive because it's been so long since he either sat down or walked. kelly underwent extensive testing during his mission as did his twin brother, mark kelly, here on earth. they did all of that to help nasa understand the impact of long-term space flight. >> once in a lifetime opportunity to compare the two. >> incredible. a growing problem in the city. what local homeowners are doing to fight back against porch pirates. and from fighting fires to fighting cancer. we'll have an inside look
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after a series of thefts, some people in d.c. are taking matters into their own hands. crooks are swiping packages right from the victims' front door steps. but as our meagan fitzgerald reports now, police have a new stool to help track down those thieves. >> reporter: many neighbors say thieves have been taking packages from their front porch for the last several months, and they believe the problem is getting worse. a lot of folks say they like living in bloomingdale. >> it's a lovely neighborhood. >> reporter: but there is a
6:46 pm
>> we've had packages taken from our stoop. >> a company showed it was delivered. of course, no package for me so the assumption is that it was stolen. >> reporter: and metropolitan police officers say in many cases that assumption is right. in fact, one neighbor who lives near second and s says he had five packages stolen since december. so he set up a camera. and sure enough, a suspect is seen walking onto his porch and stealing his merchandise. police say they're seeing these types of crimes in other areas of the city. that's why detectives say it's important for neighbors to file a police report regardless of what's stolen. officers will open an investigation and canvass the neighborhood, but mpd says some cases are difficult to solve unless there's a witness or you catch the suspect in the act. which is why they tell residents to have someone accept the package for you or tell the service provider not to leave your
6:47 pm
you know, it's hard. >> reporter: reporting in northwest, megan fiagan fitzger. news4. could you race up 69 flights of stairs carrying 0 pounds of equipment? vance and i said not on our best day when we were 21 years old. here is an even bigger thing. could you do it in ten minutes? >> no. >> no. even doug says no to that one. well, a group of d.c. firefighters is getting ready to do it. on sunday they're going to be competing in the annual stair climb challenge out in seattle to try to raise money for the leukemia and lymphoma society. news4 went to the department's training facility in southwest d.c. as the team was going up and downstairs trying to prepare for this grueling event. >> our job is to save lives and we can do that more than just coming to work. we can do it by raising money to help fight cancer. our brothers and sisters on the job are getting cancer all the time just because of the hazards we face.
6:48 pm
part in that stair climb. we posted a link on the nbc washington app if you would like to sponsor a team. i didn't mean to speak for you man because if you think you can do it in ten minutes -- zbroo t. >> ten minutes? >> i'd be surprised if you couldn't do that. >> i appreciate the confidence. now i feel confident i can do it in ten minutes. 9:30. i wasn't sure but if you believe in me vance, i think we're doing okay here. and i know you believe in this forecast too. you guys like this, don't you? you like the 70s. >> yes, we do. >> i think everybody out there is just waiting for the numbers to go up because today they were kind of down there. we had the snow and cool weather. temperatures for the most part in the 30s to low 40s. we're at 41 right now and that temperature is not going to go down all that fast. 39 at 7:00. 37 by 9:00. down to 35 degrees around 11:00. it will be chilly tonight but it won't be all that bad. not a whole lot of wind out there and we have the clouds keng
6:49 pm
dulles. 34 in manassas. 31 camp springs. below freezing in some locations overnight tonight, so that snow that melted will now refreeze, especially some of the ground and maybe the sidewalks. a heads up for that. not going to be a huge issue but just think about it. storm team4 radar all clear tomorrow afternoon. lots of cloud cover tomorrow. a little bit of sun possible especially early. 34 to start off. 41 by 11:00. up to 47. again a cool day. average high temperature still 52 this time of year. exercise, just on the cool side. hiking or biking, take a couple extra layers. what about skiing? looking great. this is going to be a very good ski weekend. i think ski liberty has some fireworks going on. ice skating looking good. i went out towards rockville last week and did a little ice skr skating. there's that chance of rain on early, could mix with snow to the north of washington. heads up but it's not going to be a big deal. 60 on monday.
6:50 pm
year, 73 on wednesday. 75 on thursday. a chance of showers at the end of next week but some nice weather coming our way. >> that's what we're looking for. thanks, doug. coming up in sports, caps hosting the rangers tonight and lundqvist will not be in the net for new york. we'll tell you why. you might be surprised. first, here is lester holt with a look ahead to "nbc nightly news." >> what we've learned from sources about that knife found inside of o.j. simpson's former house after last night's debate we look at the question of what donald trump really stands for amid his changing positions. and important news about kids and peanut allergies. the apparent benefits of early exposu
6:51 pm
0% more for a cup of coffee just because you're a woman. so why does congress think it's ok that women get paid 20% less than a man for doing the same job? i'll fight for pay equity, to protect planned parenthood, choice for women, and expand paid and family leave. now some politicians will belittle this as a women's agenda. more proof that we just need more women in congress. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity. your moment for the most live sports. >> we're expecting a playoff atmosphere down at the verizon center tonight. rangers in town. >> that's right. let's bring in chris miles at csn studios. do you have some insight on tonight's game? >> yes, i do. you are absolutely correct. good to see you. the regular season no long
6:54 pm
sure, they play the rangers tonight, looking to continue their dominance over the nhl. more importantly, the caps are playing the team that eliminated them from the playoffs last spring. on wednesday night the caps outlasted toronto 3-2 despite being outplayed. caps only managed 23 shots on goal and washington knows they have to be better tonight with the rival rangers in town. >> obviously they're active "d." a team that plays a lot of pace. they got four good lines, and, you know, they fore-check hard. they got active "d" and they're pretty creative. >> they're a cluntch team and good fore-checking team. you really have to be patient the way they play. you have got to play good defensively i think. that's where we're focused on tonight. >> the rangers played pittsburgh last night. check out what happened to their
6:55 pm
that's his own teammate skating into him. but it gets a lot better. lundqvist was a little banged up so he tries to get the ref to stop the game. they ignore him so he gets their attention by tossing the net. lundqvist got a penalty for his troubles. he will not play tonight. braden holtby sympathizes with his fellow netminder. >> i think he did the right thing. i thought it was absurd he got penalized for it. i mean, you get hit in the head as a goalie, you can't skate to the bench for a line change. you're seeing stars, you can't see the puck. you have no other option, so it was the wrong call and i felt bad for him. >> so the wizards are one win away from their longest streak of the season. the i wielusive fifth straight will have to come tonight in cleveland. the wizards beat the cavs by 14 less than a week ago. lebron james did not play in that game. he'll play tonight. kevin love wi
6:56 pm
so the cavs have chosen to rest a member of their big three in back-to-back games against the wizards. does that make it easier to prepare for the cavs? >> they have an attacking team with lebron james being their target. the role players come in and play well. it doesn't really change the game plan. in the past we played teams that sat stars out or stars being injured and we lost those games. you have to focus and know we're trying to go ahead and what we're trying to accomplish is get back into the playoff spot. they already have a spot solidified. >> they're going to come out extremely aggressive this game after when we played the previous game so we just got to come out same mindset as we had last game. doesn't matter who they got. we're going to stay focused on our game plan. what we got to do. >> spring training in full swing. nats visiting miami. michael a. taylor not sure of his role this upcoming season. this will help his confidence and his spot. solo shot puts the nats
6:57 pm
board. geo gonzalez getting his first start. two hits while striking out one. the marlins rallied against the nats' bull pen. the rbi double. miami scores three in the ninth. they win it 6-5. buck showalter checking out the defending a.l. east champs picked up mark trumbo this off-season because he can do things like this. that's out of the deepest part of the park. just gets enough to give the blue jays the lead. justin smoak is the next batter. he lives up to his name. hangs the breaking ball. smoak makes it back-to-back jacks. blue jays win 4-3. remember, you can always catch the caps and the wizards live on csn. i will be back at 11:00 with a full recap. back to you. >> thanks, chris. come on, jimmy. what we would rather do is go to florida and watch the nats in
tv-commercial tv-commercial
6:58 pm
preseason even in the grapefruit game. >> thank you, chris. that's it for now. "nightly news" coming up next. >> see you back here at 11:00.
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
tonight, trump's about face. he reverses what he said just last night in that raucous debate about torture, and it's hardly his first change-up. what does trump really believe? new evidence. the o.j. simpson saga back in the news with a new twist. a knife found years ago on his former estate. why police are only just now testing it for evidence. hotel horror. following days of tearful testimony, a jury will soon decide whether to award erin andrews $75 million after a stalker secretly taped her inside her hotel room. and stopping peanut allergies. what doctors say you could be doing now that might prevent a lifetime of potentially deadly complications for your child. "nightly news" begins


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